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Skygate Albatros All Silver

Skygate Albatros All Silver

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Бренд: CARF-Models
Артикул: 141000
Цена: 423 010 руб.

Предоплата 423 010 руб.
The Breitling Jet Team is made up of seven L-39 C Albatros aircraft, Czech-made twin-seater military training jets that can also be used for passenger flights. The L-39 C Albatros represents an excellent compromise between performance, aesthetics, reliability and operating costs. This extremely powerful jet was widely used in all former Soviet bloc countries, where large numbers are still around now.Stephan Völker flew the model with the Breitling scheme on the 2013 World Cup in Switzerland with high success. Now we also offer our customers a finished painted L-39 Albatros of the Breitling scheme.

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Skygate Albatros All Silver
423 010 руб.