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Зарядное устройство 4-х портовое с балансиром Tenergy TB6x4

Зарядное устройство 4-х портовое с балансиром Tenergy TB6x4

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Бренд: Duralite Flight Systems
Артикул: TB6x4
Цена: 12 560 руб.
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Tenergy TB6x4 Intelligent Four-Channel Balance Charger

Product Description:

Tenergy TB6x4 allows you to plug 4 batteries into one charger simultaneously and will automatically charge all at once to their maximum capacity. To top it off, the batteries being charged do not need to have the same configuration. You can connect different chemistry (Ni-MH/Ni-CD/LiPo/LiFe) batteries into any of the charging ports. No more staying up late for charging batteries.

• Optimized operating software to prevent overcharging & maximize safety.
• Internal independent lithium battery balancer.
• Balancing independent cell battery discharge & automatic individual cell shut-off when abnormal discharging occurs.
• Adaptable to various types of lithium batteries (i.e., Li-Ion & LiFe).
• Fast 4-Channels Balance Charger.
• Maximum safety with Delta-peak sensitivity.
• Automatic charging current limit.

• 1 x TP 2-cell adapter

• 1 x TP 3-cell adapter

• 1 Tenergy TB6x4 Intelligent Four-Channel Balance Charger.
• 2 Alligator Clamps (red & black).
• 1 Alligator Clips to banana connector.
• 2 Balance Sockets.
• 1 Mini Tamiya to banana connector.
• 1 Tamiya to banana connector.
• 1 Hitech to banana connector.
• 1 JST to banana connector.

• Weight: 1.675 lbs ; 760 grams
• Dimensions:218 x 155 x 33mm

• Never leave the charger unattended when it is connected to its power supply. If any malfunction is found, terminate the process at once and refer to the operation manual.
• Keep the charger well away from dust, damp, rain, heat, direct sunlight and vibration. Don't drop charger!
• The allowable input voltage is 11~15V DC.
• This charger and the battery should be put on a heat-resistant, non-inflammable and nonconductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet or similar. Keep all the inflammable volatile materials away from operating area.
• Make sure you know the specifications of the battery to be charged or discharged to ensure it meets the requirements of this charger. If the program is set up incorrectly, the battery and charger may be damaged. It can cause fire or explosion due to overcharging. This warranty is not valid for any damage or subsequent damage arising as a result of a misuse or failure to observe the procedures outlined in this manual.
• To avoid short circuit between the charge lead always connect the charge cable to the charger first, then connect the battery. Reverse the sequence when disconnecting.

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Зарядное устройство 4-х портовое с балансиром Tenergy TB6x4
12 560 руб.